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New for Spring 2013

An Introduction to Wedding Photography Workshop

18th and 19th March - Canasta Hotel, Blackpool

Have you ever thought you’d like to set up as a wedding photographer but don’t know how to gain experience and start a portfolio – let’s face it, you can’t get wedding bookings without a portfolio to show potential clients – but how do you get that portfolio without shooting weddings?

Have you been asked by a family friend or relative to shoot a wedding for them, and now that you’ve agreed the reality has dawned on you that’s there’s much more to it than you first thought?

Have you done a small number of weddings and realised you need to brush up on some of the essential skills required – from posing, to ‘seeing the light’ and the technicalities of getting the best from your camera and flash set-up?

Or – would you just like to gain some insight into what happens and try out the techniques to see if it might be for you without the pressure of doing it for real?

Well – look no further – this workshop is ideal for you!

What will I learn by attending?
All the answers to the questions above and much more! Plus, with our guidance you’ll come away with a fantastic start to that all important portfolio of wedding images. This workshop is strictly limited to 6 attendees just so that we can ensure you have the maximum opportunity to get those key shots and to ask as many questions as you like. You will be given as much information, guidance and advice as we can possibly fit into the time – yes, this is going to be an intensive workshop; but if there is anything at all you want an answer to then just ask – we promise you nothing will be held back!

What do I need to bring and what do I need to know?
As a minimum you will need your camera with a mid-range zoom lens (eg, 24-105mm f4), a flash (with batteries) and sufficient memory cards to last throughout. Ideally for low light work a faster lens would be of benefit (say, f2.8), but for the workshop this isn’t essential. You may also want to bring a laptop or tablet so you can review your shots – but again, this isn’t a requirement. To get the most out of the workshop you should have a good working knowledge of your equipment, including how to change camera settings in manual and aperture priority modes (ISO, shutter speed and aperture, auto focus point as well as exposure and flash compensation), and how to adjust flash settings. Please keep in mind that the aim of this workshop isn’t to teach you how to adjust your camera – but how and when to use those adjustments to create the best images.

What will we cover in the workshop?
Day 1 (evening) – arrival at the Canasta Hotel on Blackpool’s North Shore Seafront. After a brief ‘getting to know each other’ session, from 6pm to 8pm we’ll be straight in to using that camera you’ve brought along with a practical ‘Bridal Preparation / Boudoir’ shoot in the hotel itself with one of our models. We’ll go through camera settings and techniques and a range of key shots that every bride will love. We will also look at aspects of posing – but the key session for this will be at the beginning of the next day. From 8pm onwards you will be free to enjoy the delights of the hotel bar or do whatever you wish, but one of us will be available for a chat if you want to take the opportunity to glean as much information out of us as you can.

Day 2 (Full day). Be prepared – this is going to be a full – on day, so make sure you’re up in time for one of the Canasta’s legendary breakfasts (trust us on this – you really don’t want to miss it).

The main day will start at 10am with an in-depth guide to posing – covering all the do’s and don’ts. This session will be important for you as then we go straight to the Church where ‘you’ start putting what you’ve just learnt into practice with our two models (don’t worry – we’ll be there to guide you). We’ll cover the arrival of the bride and groom, all aspects of the ceremony including the exchange of rings, signing the register etc. We’ll use both flash and available light techniques. We’ll go over the service itself – what to expect and when, as well as how to behave professionally throughout so that you can build that important trusting relationship with the clergy / registrars right from the start. Next it’s outside for more couple shots and posing advice / practice – even if it’s raining – let’s face it – it does occasionally rain in the UK doesn’t it, and you as a wedding photographer are going to have to cope with it. Then it’s back to the Canasta with the models to cover the ‘reception,’ as well as setting up some of our signature images. We’ll end the day with a final Q&A session and then it’s off home for you to review what you’ve learnt and look through the great shots you will have captured (unless you’ve decided to take a few extra nights in Blackpool).

What does it cost?
The cost of the workshop per person is £125 for members of; or £150 per person for non-members. This price doesn’t include overnight accommodation and this should be booked directly with Doug at the Canasta Hotel - Tel: 01253 290501.
NB – the wedding images shown here are not of models, they were taken by Dave and Mick at real weddings!

"Thanks to Doug, Mick and Dave for a great couple of days." Keiran